Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning and Duct Cleaning

We use the Rotovac 360 Deep Carpet Cleaning machine and the Traditional Wand to provide the best carpet cleaning Las Vegas has to offer.

The best steam carpet cleaning you have ever seen. Don't settle with other carpet cleaning systems. Try the revolutionary Turbo Clean.

Our Promise to You

We believe that making the distinction between providing good and excellent customer service starts with our ability to go the “extra mile” regardless of which cleaning services are being provided. Our promise of excellence is more than just words; as can be evidenced in our actions. This is why we're committed to providing all of our customers with the simplest of things including:

  • Calling you with an estimated time of arrival (ETA)
  • Communicating with you throughout the entire cleaning process
  • Arriving on time and your convenience
  • Providing you with a satisfaction guarantee

Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning Service

With our use of state-of-the-art equipment, and cleaning techniques, we can effectively rid your home or office of pesky dirt and debris as well as hard to remove stains. We promise to provide you with exceptional service no matter what size the job.

If you’re looking for unparalleled results, along with prompt Las Vegas carpet cleaning services from extensively trained technicians, we suggest you remember just one thing: “Anyone can clean your carpets, but only we can get them TURBO CLEAN!!!”

Las Vegas Upholstery Cleaning

Your upholstered furniture is probably one of the largest investments you’ll ever make. Don’t allow just anyone to clean your delicate fabrics! At Turbo Clean, we stay up to-date on all upholstery cleaning advancements in order to provide you with the best bang for your buck. Our highly experienced, and of course certified, technicians are trained in the latest procedures to safely clean and maintain all of your upholstered furniture materials including silk, leather, wool, cotton and micro-suede as well as all synthetic fibers.

Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

Over time, even what was once the most beautiful tile and grout may start to lose its appeal as it accumulates dirt, debris, and grime. Our professional tile and grout cleaning service goes on a routine basis that can maintain their beauty while helping you avoid the cost of replacement. Read more about our tile and grout cleaning services.

Las Vegas Air Duct Cleaning Services

Whether you're driving in your car, flying in a plane, engaging in recreational activities or walking down the street, we all face a variable mix of health effects in our day-to-day activities. However, the one place where we should feel safe is our homes.

But what happens when our homes are adversely affecting our health? In the last few years, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a growing body of scientific research has shown that indoor air quality is far more dangerous than that of our outdoor air.

Think about it: You spend more time indoors – the store and office counts too – than you do outside. This is especially true for those that live in hotter climates. Thus, for many of us, the risks to your health are far greater when you're indoors.

So what can you do about this? For starters, you can contact the professional air duct cleaning technicians of Turbo Clean, for affordable and prompt services. Our air duct cleaning services can drastically reduce the level of pollutants within your home and office.

Contact Us Today.

Give us the opportunity to do what we do best – clean your home or business’s carpets, upholstery and tile/grout – by contacting us today at (702) 622-1200. The best news is that we provide a one of a kind customer satisfaction guarantee!


Las Vegas Deep Carpet Cleaning

Turbo Clean provides the ultimate Las Vegas carpet cleaning service available. We use the innovative Rotovac deep carpet steam cleaning machine. With it, we provide Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning that cleans better and drys faster than "wand" cleaners who solely rely on their arms to do the work. It’s like comparing a hand saw to a chain saw. For the best deep local Las Vegas carpet cleaning service in town, make the right choice and Call Turbo Clean Pro Carpet and Duct Cleaning.

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